A post is a type of content in WordPress, a popular open-source content management system used for creating and managing websites. Posts are commonly used to create and publish articles or blog posts on a website.

Posts are listed in reverse chronological order, with the most recent post appearing first. They typically consist of a title, body text, and other elements such as images, videos, and links. Posts can be organized using categories and tags to help visitors find related content on the website.

Creating a Post

To create a new post in WordPress, users can navigate to the “Posts” section of the WordPress dashboard and click “Add New”. This will load an editor screen where users can enter their post’s title, body text, and other relevant information.

WordPress posts are comprised of blocks. Here is an introductory look at the block editor:

Key Elements of a Post:

  • Title: The title is an essential part of any post as it serves as the headline for the article. A good title should be descriptive, concise, and attention-grabbing.
  • Content: The body text of a post is where users can write their article or blog post. The WordPress editor provides tools for formatting text, adding images and videos, creating links, and more.
  • Categories and Tags: Categories are used to group posts together based on broad topics or themes. For example, a news website might have categories like “Politics”, “Sports”, or “Entertainment”. Tags are more specific keywords that describe the content of a particular post. They allow visitors to find related content across different categories.
  • Featured Image: A featured image is an optional image that represents your post visually. Depending on your theme, it may appear at the top of your post and/or in archives where posts are listed together. A good featured image can make your post more eye-catching and engaging.
  • Excerpt: An excerpt is a short summary or teaser of your post that appears in search results and archives. It can help visitors quickly understand what your post is about before they click through to read it.

Publishing and Editing

Once you have created your post in WordPress, you can choose to either publish it immediately or save it as a draft for later. If you want to schedule the post for the future, WordPress allows you to set a date and time for it to go live.

WordPress makes it easy to edit or update any published or drafted posts whenever necessary by going back into the editor screen. Simply make changes as needed and then click on “Update” to save them.


In conclusion, posts are an essential content type in WordPress that allows users to share their ideas through writing articles or blog posts. Understanding how they work is crucial for anyone who wants to create quality content on their website using this platform.