Comments are a feature of WordPress that allow users to engage in discussions about the content of a website. Users can leave comments on posts and pages, which can be moderated by the site owner or administrator.


Comments were introduced in the early versions of WordPress and have since become an integral part of many websites. They provide a way for users to interact with each other and with the site owner, sharing their thoughts, opinions, and questions about the content.

By default, comments are enabled on new WordPress installations. However, they can be disabled or moderated according to the site owner’s preferences.

Comment System

The comment system in WordPress consists of several components:

  • Comment form: This is the interface that users see when they want to leave a comment. It typically includes fields for the user’s name, email address, website (optional), and comment text.
  • Comment moderation: Comments can be moderated by the site owner or administrator before they are published on the website. This allows them to filter out spam or inappropriate content.
  • Comment threading: Comments can be threaded so that replies to specific comments appear directly below them.
  • Comment notifications: Users can receive email notifications when someone replies to their comment or when new comments are added to a post.

Managing Comments

WordPress provides several tools for managing comments:

  • Comment moderation: Site owners can moderate comments using various settings like requiring approval for all comments from first-time users.
  • Comment editing: Site owners can edit or delete individual comments if necessary.
  • Bulk actions: Site owners can manage multiple comments at once using bulk actions such as approving or deleting them in bulk.
  • Akismet integration: Akismet is a plugin that comes pre-installed with WordPress that helps identify spammy comments.


Comments are an important feature of WordPress that allow users to engage with each other and with site owners about website content. While they require some moderation and management effort from site owners, they can provide valuable feedback and interaction opportunities for both site owners and visitors.