A category archive is a page on a WordPress website that displays a list of posts belonging to a particular category. Posts in a category archive are typically displayed in reverse-chronological order, much like the standard blog archives.


WordPress allows users to organize their content using categories, which act as labels for grouping similar posts together. When visitors click on a category link, they are taken to the corresponding category archive page where they can view all the posts associated with that category.

Category archives can be accessed in several ways. They can be displayed on the website’s main navigation menu or through widgets like the categories widget. Category archives can also be accessed by appending /category/category-name/ to the end of the website’s URL.


The appearance of a category archive page depends on the theme being used. By default, WordPress uses its own template file called category.php to display category archives. However, themes may have their own custom templates for displaying category archives.

Typically, a category archive will display a list of post titles along with some brief information about each post such as author name and date published. Some themes may also include featured images or excerpts from each post.


Using categories and category archives is beneficial for both website owners and visitors. For website owners, it helps organize content and make it easier to navigate for visitors. It also helps with search engine optimization (SEO) by creating more targeted pages for search engines to index.

For visitors, it allows them to easily find content related to specific topics or interests. Visitors can quickly browse through all posts within a particular category without having to search through the entire website.


A category archive is an important feature of any WordPress website that uses categories to organize its content. It provides an easy way for visitors to browse through related content and helps improve SEO by creating targeted pages for search engines. Understanding how to use and customize category archives is essential for any WordPress user looking to create an organized and user-friendly website experience.