How To Fix WordPress Mobile Image Alignment & Text Wrap Problems

Left- and right-aligned images look beautiful on desktop browsers, but sometimes with responsive WordPress themes you end up with something like this: Yuck. Because of the skinny portrait-style image, the text is wrapping improperly on mobile, and it looks like a mess. Very frustrating, but with a couple of lines of CSS, we can clear […]

How To Fix WordPress Images That Won’t Align Properly

WordPress provides built-in functionality to align images left, right, and center, but it relies on your theme to render those images properly. If you find that your images are not aligning correctly in your theme, you can solve this by adding a few lines of CSS to your theme’s stylesheet (preferably using a child theme), […]

How To Set Up Cloudflare Flexible SSL With WordPress

A great way to improve your website’s security (and give yourself a minor SEO boost) is by implementing SSL encryption and delivering your pages via HTTPS. In the past, this was an expensive and highly technical process. But today services like Cloudflare can facilitate the process for you, eliminating the expense and IT headaches. Unfortunately, […]